American Jewish Population Estimates:2012
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Maurice and Marilyn Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studiesand Steinhart Social Research Institute, Brandeis University
Tighe, ElizabethSaxe, LeonardMagidin de Kramer, RaquelParmer, Daniel
"Socio-demographic studies of the U.S. Jewish population have, over the last several decades, painted a mostly negative portrait, indicating declining size and levels of affiliation. These studies, however, are inherently complex and methodologically problematic, albeit critical for our ability to understand American Jewry. To develop reliable estimates of the size and characteristics of the Jewish population, the Steinhardt Social Research Institute (SSRI) has used data synthesis techniques to yield estimates of the proportion of U.S. adults who claim Judaism as their religion, along with the number of secular/cultural Jews (i.e., Jews who identify other than by religion), and the number of Jewish children. Accumulated evidence indicates that the U.S. Jewish population is substantially larger than previously estimated." Click on the icon below to access the pdf of this interesting report.
Communities and Organizations, Population, Social Sciences, United States, Communities
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