Out from the Ashes: My life story

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American Jewish Archives
Mermelstein, Joan Feureman
In this memoir, Mermelstein, who was born in Carpathia (what became Chekoslovakia) in 1917, describes her life-story from childhood to the rise of fascism in Chekoslovakia to her deportation to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, to her immigration to Cincinnati, Ohio. She observes that the importance of her story is less in the personal memories and more in the act of rememberance, which presrves not only the spiral of persecution and tragedy to which has plagued the Jewish people, but the vibrant life of the Jewish community in Europe. "The Holocaust," she states, "not only wiped out six millionvlives, but it destroyed a whole way of life, and changed, forever, the lives of those who survived."
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