Jewish Vacation Guide:: Hotels, Boarding and Rooming Houses where Jews are Welcome
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Federation of Jewish Farmers of America
Federation of Jewish Farmers of America
Published as part of the annual "Farm Almanac and Buyers' Guide," "The Jewish Vacation Guide," provided in both a Yiddish and an English version, was a guide to services and facilities where Jews would be welcome and could vacation safely. While antisemitism is not explicitly mentioned, the Foreward to the Almanac describes the Vacation Guide as "...the first time in the history of Jewish farming that attention is called to hundreds of up-to-date Jewish boarding houses all over the country where all classes of Jews seeking a vacation will find places suitable to their needs." "The Jewish Vacation Guide" is widely considered to be the inspiration behind the "Negro Motorists Green Book," which served as a guide for African Americans to restaurants, hotels and other facilities that would serve them. Click on the links to see the cover and Foreward to the English Vacation Guide as well as the Foreward to the Almanac, and the cover to the Yiddish version.
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