The Movie Selma: Where is Heschel?

dc.contributor.authorVorspan, Al
dc.description.abstractFrom the introduction: "The movie Selma moved me very deeply, and I was impressed with the superb acting (especially MLK) and brilliant writing. But I was also troubled that this movie (so clearly on the side of the angels) unwittingly continues a trend I have watched for decades with mounting discomfort—the gradual bleaching out of the Jewish role in the civil rights revolution in America. To put it bluntly, as a friend, Larry Bush, put it to me: where was Heschel?" Click on the link above to read the rest. If you are on the "Full item page" click on the link to the "Simple item page" above to access the link. en_US
dc.publisherReligious Action Center of Reform Judaismen_US
dc.subjectHeschel, Abraham Joshuaen_US
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dc.subjectCivil Rightsen_US
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dc.titleThe Movie Selma: Where is Heschel?en_US