Helena Rubinstein

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Jewish Women's Archive
Alpern, Sara
Born in 1870 in Crakow, Poland, Helena Rubinstein was the oldest of seven girls. The girls were strongly encouraged by their mother to seek "power and influence through beauty and love." She developed her business sense by filling in for her ill father at business meetings from the age of fifteen. She moved to Australia, where she was very successful at selling skin care products, initially developed by a chemistin Poland. Spending a year in Europe, Rubinstein studied all aspects of skin care, including facial surgery, dermatology, and proper nutrition. In 1915, she and her husband moved to New York City, launching her career in the United States, where she opened salons first in New York and then Boston, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Toronto.Upon her death in 1965, her international cosmetic business were highly successful, which included factories, and salons in fourteen countries. Click on the link to read this article about the life and work of Helena Rubinstein.
Rubinstein, Helena, Business, Buisinesspeople
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