Jewish Initiative for Animals
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Jewish Initiative for Animals (JIFA)
JIFA describes its mission as being to support "innovative programs to turn the Jewish value of compassion for animals into action while building ethical and sustainable Jewish American communities in the process." JIFA explores ways of aligning traditional, ancient Jewish values with racial and food justice and the climate crisis. They provide educational support non-profit groups such as camps, synagogues, community centers, and schools on integrating Jewish ethical values in our interaction with animals. An area of critical importance for JIFA is food. They interrogate the meaning of the term "kosher," which identifies food fit for the consumption of the Jewish community, by looking at how animals slaughtered according to kosher laws are subject to the same farming industrial processes as those not slaughtered according to kosher laws. JIFA seeks to end industrial farming, claiming that it is antithetical to Jewish values. Click on the link to see the web site.
Communities and Organizations, Farming, United States