How Curious George’s Creators Saved The Beloved Monkey From The Nazis
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The Forward
H.A. and Margaret Rey created the Curious George character, which has been beloved by children for many decades. This article describes how the Reys left Nazi Germany in 1935 to escape growing antisemitism. The couple ended up in Paris, where they again sought to escape as the Nazis as they were steadily closing in on Paris. Unable to buy a train ticket or even a bicycle, H.A. Rey made two bikes, they gathered all their Curious George manuscripts and escaped, finally making their way to New York.The story of the Rey's escape became the subject of a documentary entitled "Monkey Business: The Story of Curious George’s Creators." Click on the link above to read the article.
Rey, Hans Augusto (H.A.), Rey, Margaret, Literature, Children's Litearture, Curious George, United States, Authors
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