Barbara Seaman: September 11, 1935–February 27, 2008
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Jewish Women's Archive
Baumgardner, Jennifer
An article on the life and career of Barbara Seaman, who was a major and pioneering figure in the Second Wave of the women's movement. Her primary focus was on women's health. She fought against the mass prescription of hormone replacement therapy and the high dose birth control pill. her 1969 book, "he Doctors’ Case Against the Pill," prompted Senate hearings on the safety of the birth control pill. She was a pioneer of the "feminist health movement," at a time when "advocated informed consent and patient rights at a time when men (doctors, husbands, legislators, and religious leaders) made decisions about women’s bodies." Her lifelong commitment was to empower women to advocate for themselves with male doctors. Click on the link to read the article.
Women's Movement, Social Activism, Women's Health, United States, Seaman, Barbara
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