Tillie Olsen Captured the Toll of Women’s Labor — on Their Lives and Art

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New York Times
This essay on the author, Tillie Olsen, is part of A.O. Scott's series in the New York Times Sunday Book Review, entitled "The Americans: Writers Who Show Us Who We Are." He focuses on the work for which Tillie Olsen is best known, "Tell Me A Riddle." The four short stories in this collection describe in vivid detail the pain, drudgery and fatigue of working class life in the early to mid-twentieth century. Scott uses Olsen's thin oeuvre to exemplify how the work of daily life mutes artistic creation. He credits her with changing the "study of American literature, opening its canon to neglected voices and traditions." Click on the link above to read Scott's essay. For more information on Tillie Olsen, click on the first link below. To read an interview with Olsen in "The Progressive Magazine," click on the second link below.
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