Rabbi Schneerson Led A Small Hasidic Sect To World Prominence

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The New York Times
An obituary for Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, which discusses his life, work, contributions and his considerable influence on the Lubavitch Chassidic movement. It also considers the controversial incident that took place in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, NY, when Rabbi Schneerson's motorcade lost control and killed a 7-year old black child. sparking a series of disturbances. The article also notes the emphasis Rabbi Schneerson placed on the importance of Jews, through good deeds and actions hastening the coming of the Messiah. Additionally, it notes, that some of his followers believed he actually was the Messiah, a belief that his critics charged he did not forcefully disabuse them of. Click on the URI above to read the obituary. To see Chabad's perspective on Rabbi Schneerson, click on the See Also link below.
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