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  • Yiddish Book Center (2017)
    A nonprofit organization located in Amherst, MA, dedicated to rescuing, preserving, disseminating and translating Yiddish literature, as well as offering educational programs aimed at enhancing understanding of Jewish life ...
  • The Forward Association (The Forward Association, 2018)
    The Web site of the Yiddish language version of The Forward, a Jewish American newspaper since 1897. Click on the link above to access.
  • Mark, Jonathan (The New York Jewish Week, 2018-05-30)
    An article about the Sholem Aleichem Cultural Center in the Bronx, NY. The Center used to be a Sholem Aleichem Sjule, an after-hours school that taught the Yiddish language and culture, and progressive values. It is currently ...
  • yiddishkayt (, 2020)
    "We believe that yiddishkayt — the culture, language, art, and worldviews of Eastern European Jews, as they lived in Europe and in the places they settled — has a crucial role to play in our world today. Yiddish ...
  • Yiddishkayt (Yiddishkayt, 2017)
    Web Site that views Yiddishkayt as the culture--language, art, music, political view--of the Jews who lived in Eastern Europe and settled in various places around the world. It explores their work, contributions and ...
  • YIVO Institute for Jewish Research (2017)
    YIVO is dedicated to fostering knowledge of Jewish life and culture, focusing particularly on the story of Eastern European Jews.It holds the largest archive in North America of primary resources on the Holocaust. YIVO ...
  • YIVO Institute for Jewish Research (2013)
    Collection of free downloadable works of Yiddish theater, written between the years 1850-1950.Click on the link above to access the collection.
  • Bryn, Robert; Lenton, Rhona (The Conversation, 2019-03-19)
    The authors discuss the characteristics of the Jewish community in Canada. They note that a shit has been taking place in the way Canadian Jews identify with their Judaism. Canadian Jews, they argue, have been moving "from ...



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