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Cartooning America: The Fleischer Brothers Story

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dc.description.abstract It is unusual for us to include a grant proposal in this catalog and repository, but in this case we thought it appropriate. It includes a detailed discussion of the lives and accomplishments of the Fleischer brothers, a Jewish American "family of artists and and inventors who revolutionized animation and and most irreverent cartoon characters of all times." The brothers created the cartoon characters of Superman, Popeye and Betty Boop. Click on the icon below to access the pdf of this fascinating story. Click on the top See Also for a link to the movie. The other link is to a discussion of Betty Boop. en_US
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dc.publisher National Endowment for the Humanities en_US
dc.subject Fleischer, Max en_US
dc.subject Theater, Movies and Television en_US
dc.subject Cartoons en_US
dc.subject United States en_US
dc.subject Fleischer, Dave en_US
dc.subject Fleischer Brothers en_US
dc.subject Betty Boop en_US
dc.subject Popeye en_US
dc.subject Superman en_US
dc.subject Biography
dc.title Cartooning America: The Fleischer Brothers Story en_US
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