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  • Bleaman, Isaac L. (BRILL - Journal of Jewish Languages, 2017)
    Uriel Weinreich was a renowned linguist, who, in addition to his work on linguistics generally, made significant contributions to both the study and teaching of Yiddish. This article is part of a special issue of the Journal ...
  • Chomsky, Noam (You Tube, 2013-09-06)
    A You Tube recording of a lecture delivered by Noam Chomsky at the 2013 Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute, held at the University of Michigan. Click on the first link above to view the You Tube.
  • Krugman, Paul (The New York Review of Booka, 2007-02-15)
    In this essay Paul Krugman argues that Milton Friedman, who like Krugman won a Nobel Prize in Economics, "was wrong on some issues, and sometimes seemed less than honest with his readers..." but was nevertheless "a great ...
  • Gordon, Matthew J. (Oxford Research Encyclopedia, 2017-05)
    Discussion of the career and contributions of one of the most prominent researchers in the field known as sociolinguistics. Includes a bibliography and links to digital material. Click on the link above to access the article.
  • Howe, Irving; Lbio, Kenneth; Dickstein, Morris (New York University Press, 2005)
    The World of Our Fathers, which was a 1977 National Book Award Winner, describes the experience of Eastern European Jews who immigrated to New York. Click on the first link above to see the entry for the 30th anniversary ...
  • Watt, W. C. (The National Academies Press (National Acedemy of Sciences), 2005)
    A biographical memoir about the prominent Jewish American linguist, Zellig Harris. His most well known student was a fellow named Noam Chomsky. Click on the icon below to access the memoir.



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