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  • Piercy, Marge (Poetry Foundation. Originally published by Alfred A. Knopf, 2006)
    A poem by the Jewish American writer Marge Piercy, on the occasion of Rosh Hashanah. Click on the link above to access.
  • Canadian Council for Reform Judaism (2015)
    The homepage of the Canadian Council of Reform Judaism, which represents reform congregations across Canada, from Montreal to Vancouver. Click on the link above to access the web site. See also the entry for The Union ...
  • Plaskow, Judith (Beacon Press, 1972)
    An excerpt from Judith Plaskow's earliest and seminal work, in which she rewrites an ancient midrash regarding the two wives of Adam, Lilith and Eve. Click on the above link to read the excerpt.
  • Reconstructionist Rabbinical College (Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, 2016)
    One of Kaplan’s great granddaughters, Sharon Ann Musher, Ph.D., joined the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College board of governors, faculty, staff and students in sharing memories and thoughts about the legacy of this ...
  • (, 2018)
    A series of stories about Hanukkah from the Chabad Web site. Click on the link above to access.
  • Septimus, Daniel (Jewish Virtual Library, 2017)
    Discussion of the belief systems and values of a main branch of Judaism in the United States. Click on the link above to view the discussion.
  • Rosen, Jeremy (The Algemeiner, 2020-01-26)
    An essay on "You Shall Be as Gods: A Radical Interpretation of the Old Testament and Its Tradition" by Erich Fromm, the prominent Jewish American psychiatrist. Towards the beginning of the essay is the provocative claim ...
  • Heschel, Susannah (The Shalom Center, 2001-09-08)
    A "powerful study by Susannah Heschel of the theological threads of connection between her father and Dr. Martin Luther King" At the time she wrote this article Susannah Heschel was Abba Hillel Silver Professor of Jewish ...
  • Cohen, Emily; Best Adler, Jake (2018)
    This is a haggadah created by two Reconstructionist rabbinical students.It provides instructions for the seder as well as explanations. Click on the icon to read the Hamilton Haggadah.
  • Ashton, Dianne (NYU Press, 2013)
    "Although Hanukkah in all its various spellings is considered a minor holiday on the Jewish calendar by rabbis and many Jews, Dianne Ashton makes a very persuasive case for its importance and influence in American society." ...
  • Kulp, Dr. Joshua (USCJ: Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem, 2018)
    A discussion from the Conservative perspective of why Hanukkah is still a relevant holiday and why it continues to be celebrated. Click on the link to access the discussion.
  • (, 2018-11-26)
    A discussion of the importance of Hanukkah to North American Jews from the perspective of Reform Judaism. Click on the icon below for a pdf of the article. From the first link above you can go to the page on which the ...
  • Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals (Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals, 2019)
    "The Website provides information about the Institute, as well as an online store where you may order books of interest. The section Min haMuvhar includes selections from the writings of Rabbi Marc D. Angel, Founder and ...
  • Jackson, Lindsey; Wertheimer, Jack (New Books Network, 2019-10-29)
    An audio interview with Jack Wertheimer, author of "The New American Judaism: How Jews Practice their Religion Today" (Princeton UP, 2018). "Wertheimer argues that American Jews are indeed engaging with Judaism, albeit ...
  • Schoenfeld, Stuart (Canadian Journal of Sociology, 1978)
    "The question of similarities and differences between the Jewish community of Canada and that of the United States is examined with respect to religious organizations, attitudes and practices." Click on the link above to ...
  • Goldstein, Rebecca (My Jewish Learning, 2017)
    This discussion of secular Judaism was written by the analytic philosopher, Rebecca Goldstein, for Bronfman Vision Forum’s Judaism as Civilizations: Belonging in an Age of Multiple Identities, It considers the question of ...
  • Adler, Rachel (Jewish Women's Archive, 2009-03-20)
    This article in the Jewish Women's Archive describes Judith Plaskow as the "first Jewish feminist to identify herself as a theologian." The article discusses Plaskow's view of traditional Jewish theology as patriarchal and ...
  • Simon, Jen (Salon, 2021-11-30)
    This commentary begins with "Hanukkah is not a Jewish Christmas. It never was and shouldn't be treated like it is. So pay attention retailers: knock it off. Stop trying to sell us dumb products." The article is about the ...
  • Angel, Marc D. (Ideals (, 2019-12-18)
    The writer is Dr. Rabbi Marc D. Angel, " Founder and Director of the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals (, and Editor of its journal, Conversations. He is Rabbi Emeritus of the Spanish and Portuguese ...
  • Schwartz, Jeremy (Reconstructing Judaism, 2018)
    A Reconstructionist perspective on Hanukkah. Click on the link above to access,



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