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  • Purim (2019)
    This web page discusses the history, customs and rituals of Purim from the perspective of Reform Judaism. It also suggests ways of using messages from Purim to practice social justice.Click on the link to see the web page.
  • Gaster, Theodor Hertzl (Henry Schuman, 1950)
    In this book (downloaded from the Internet Archive), Gaster argues that the two Jewish holidays of lights--the Spring holiday of Purim and the Fall holiday of Hanukkah--are linked together by the celebration of liberation.This ...
  • Lucas, Alan (Rabbinical Assembly, 2013-02-12)
    An explanation of Purim, its traditions and observances, from the perspective of Conservative Judaism. Lucas notes that, although Purim is a minor holiday, it is "nevertheless one of the high points of the festival cycle ...
  • (2019-01)
    This Web Page discusses the history and significance of the holiday of Purim. how Purim is observed among Orthodox Jews, Purim customs, etc. Click on the link to see the Web Page.



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