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  • Canadian Council for Reform Judaism (2015)
    The homepage of the Canadian Council of Reform Judaism, which represents reform congregations across Canada, from Montreal to Vancouver. Click on the link above to access the web site. See also the entry for The Union ...
  • Schoenfeld, Stuart (Canadian Journal of Sociology, 1978)
    "The question of similarities and differences between the Jewish community of Canada and that of the United States is examined with respect to religious organizations, attitudes and practices." Click on the link above to ...
  • Passover 
    Society for Humanistic Judaism (Society for Humanistic Judaism, 2016)
    A discussion of the way Humanistic Jews understand Passover. Within Humanistic Judaism, Passover is "one of the most powerful myths of the Jewish people, a tale that relates the courage and determination of a people fleeing ...
  • (Union of Reform Judaism, 2019)
    A description of the history, customs, and traditions of Passover told from the perspective of Reform Judaism. This discussion emphasizes Passover as a celebration of freedom, commemorating the Exodus from Egypt, and as a ...
  • My Jewish Learning (My Jewish Learning, 2019)
    A brief article describing the origins, meaning, and traditions of Passover, which it describes as "one of the most beloved of all Jewish holidays." The article notes that Passover is one of the three ancient Israelite ...
  • Rabbinical Assembly; Committee on Jewish Law & Standards, Kashrut Subcommittee (Rabbinical Assembly, 2019)
    This is a guide to the practice of Passover from the perspective of Conservative Judaism. It is intended to "help families maintain a kosher for Pesah home in accordance with the principles of Conservative Judaism and its ...
  • Lucas, Alan (Rabbinical Assembly, 2013-02-12)
    An explanation of Purim, its traditions and observances, from the perspective of Conservative Judaism. Lucas notes that, although Purim is a minor holiday, it is "nevertheless one of the high points of the festival cycle ...
  • Society for Humanistic Judaism (2016)
    A brief biographical essay on the life, contributions and death of Rabbi Sherwin Wine, the founder of Humanistic Judaism. Click on the first link above to access the biographical essay.
  • Hevesi, Dennis (New York Times, 2007-07-25)
    An obituary for Rabbi Sherwin Wine, the founder of Humanistic Judaism. The article discusses his life and contributions. Click on the link above to access the article.
  • Society for Humanistic Judaism (2016)
    The homepage of the Society of Humanistic Judaism. Discusses the main beliefs of Humanistic Judaism and provides links to resources and congregations. Click on thelink above to access this web site.
  • Union for Reform Judaism (2017)
    The homepage of the Union of Reform Judaism which provides support and connections to Reform Congregations in North America, it describes itself as leading the "largest Jewish movement in North America." Click on the link ...
  • Cohen, Leonard (YouTube, 2006-08-29)
    Based on the prayer “U’Netaneh Tokef,” recited at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Leonard Cohen created the poem and song "Who By Fire." In this performance he is accompanied by the great saxophonist Sonny Rollins. Click ...



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