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  • Academy of American Poets (Poets.Org, 2017)
    A short biography of Gertrude Stein, poet, novelist, playwright and art collector. Click on the link above to access the biography.
  • Norich, Anita (Jewish Women's Archive, 2009-03-20)
    A short biography of the author, Grace Paley. Click on the link above to access.
  • Poetry Foundation (Poetry Foundation, 2018)
    Short biography of Grace Paley produced by the Poetry Foundation. Includes a bibliography of Paley's work and a bibliography of works about her. Find links here to a selection of Paley's poetry. Click on the link above to access.
  • Cohen, Leonard (YouTube, 2009-10-02)
    A live performance of perhaps the most famous of Leonard Cohen's songs. Click on the link above to access.
  • Scott, A.O. (New York Times, 2022-07-01)
    This is New York Times film reviewer, A.O. Scott's Critics Pick of the biographical documentary, "Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a Journey, a Song." The directors, Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine trace the seven-year development ...
  • Frum, David (The Atlantic, 2015-05-17)
    This article argues that "Herman Wouk deserves more critical acclaim than he’s enjoyed." Click on the link above to read David Frum's argument for Wouk.
  • Grimes, William (New York Times, 2019-05-17)
    A New York Times obituary of the best-selling novelist, Herman Wouk, who died at the age of 103. The obituary describes his work, his background and education. Click on the link to read the obiturary.
  • Friedman, Gabe (The Forward, 2017-08-11)
    H.A. and Margaret Rey created the Curious George character, which has been beloved by children for many decades. This article describes how the Reys left Nazi Germany in 1935 to escape growing antisemitism. The couple ended ...
  • Homberger, Eric (The Guardian, 2003-03-13)
    An obituary of American author, Howard Fast. A member of the American Communist Party until 1956, much of Fast's work was politically progressive. He reached a broad American readership with this novels "Spartacus," ...
  • Howl 
    Ginsberg, Allen (Poetry Foundation, 2017)
    A poem by Allen Ginsberg on the Poetry Foundation web site. Click on the link above to access.
  • Bernstein, Mashey (Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), 2007-11-14)
    This article discusses the work of the writer, Norman Mailer, who died in 2007, in the context of his Judaism. The author claims that, although Jews do not typically identify Mailer as a Jew, in the same way they do Bernard ...
  • (, 2012)
    The official Irving Layton website maintained by his Estate. Irving Layton was an important twentieth century Jewish Canadian poet. Included in this web site are a biography and a bibliography of his works. Click on the ...
  • Jacobs, T. (2001-05)
    A biographical essay detailing the life of the Jewish Canadian Poet, Irving Layton, to whom Leaonard Cohen dedicated his book of verse, Book of Longing. Click on the link above to access the essay.
  • Moment Magazine Staff (Moment Magazine, 2012-06)
    A set of commentaries by with several contemporary writers that explore the question of whether or not the body of literary work produced by Jews can be considered Jewish fiction. Although not all of the authors included ...
  • Tietz, Tabia (SciHi Blog, 2018-01-02)
    Isaac Asimov was a science fiction writer and a biochemist. Asimov coined the term "robotics," which he used in his science fiction works. The robot characters in Asimov's science fiction were supposed to obey "The Three ...
  • Nobel Prize Committee (Nobel Media AB, 1978)
    This biography was written at the time Isaac Bashevis SInger was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Click on the first link above to access the biography.
  • Singer, Isaac Bashevis (, 1978)
    "No technological achievements can mitigate the disappointment of modern man, his loneliness, his feeling of inferiority, and his fear of war, revolution and terror. Not only has our generation lost faith in Providence but ...
  • Singer, Isaac Bashevis (Nobel Foundation, 1978-12-08)
    Text of Isaac Bashevis' Nobel Prize Lecture. Click on the link above to access the lecture.
  • Singer, Isaac Bashevis (Nobel Foundation, 1978-12-08)
    Recorded excerpt, in both Yiddish and English, from the Nobel Prize lecture by Isaac Bashevis Singer. Click on the link to access the audio.
  • Cohen, Joshua Aaron (The New Republic, 2018-09-06)
    "Seventy years after its founding, has the Jewish State abandoned the American diaspora?" Click on the link above to access the article by one of the most acclaimed younger Jewish American writers.



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