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Recent Submissions

  • Sendak, Maurice (HarperTrophy, 1963)
    "Where the Wild Things Are" is a popular and highly-acclaimed children's book that was both written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak. It was awarded the Caldecott Medal in 1964 for being the most distinguished picture ...
  • The Maurice Sendak Foundation (The Maurice Sendak Foundation, 2020)
    A brief biography of Maurice Sendak. Sendak is primarily known as an author and illustrator of children's books, for which he received several awards, including the Caldecott Medal, Hans Christian Andersen Award, and he ...
  • Homberger, Eric (The Guardian, 2003-03-13)
    An obituary of American author, Howard Fast. A member of the American Communist Party until 1956, much of Fast's work was politically progressive. He reached a broad American readership with this novels "Spartacus," ...
  • Glück, Louise (Nobel Foundation, 2021)
    The full text of the Nobel Lecture that Louise Glück delivered for having received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2020. Click View/Open next to the icon below to read her lecture. To see an article in the Jewish Women's ...
  • Panofsky, Ruth (The Conversation, 2020-12-21)
    "Readers will know the poet Irving well as novelist Mordecai Richler and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, all of them Montréalers. But you may not know the women who published poems and prose alongside their ...
  • (Academy of American Poets, 2020)
    A website with a list of poems by Louise Glück and links to the actual poems. Click on the link to view the website and read Glück's poetry. Click on the link below to read her Nobel Lecture.
  • Barnat, Dara (Jewish Women's Archive, 2020-10-08)
    This article is about the life and illustrious career of Louise Glück, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2020. The article considers Glück's poetic style as well as the Jewish influences in her work.In ...
  • Ballif, Algene (Commentary Magazine, 1957-04)
    A critical book review of Adele Wiseman's first novel, "The Sacrifice," Click on the link to read the review.
  • Brown, Michael (Jewish Women's Archive, 2009-02-27)
    A biographical essay on Adele Wiseman, whom the author credits as being "[o]ne of Canada’s most highly regarded writers of the second half of the twentieth century." The article describes how Wiseman, who was born in 1928 ...
  • Horn, Dara (Tablet, 2020-02-10)
    Ann essay on the literary work of I J Singer, the brother of the I B Singer, the Nobel Prie winner in the literature. The author of this article writes, I'd "like to make the case for a writer I regard as a much better ...
  • The Editors of the Encyclopedia Britannica (Encylopedia Britannica, 2020-03-29)
    This article from the Encyclopedia Britannica discusses David Mamet and his wide-ranging career. Although he is best known as a prolific American playwright. Mamet is also a successful film screenwriter and director. He ...
  • Lambert, Josh (Jewish Currents, 2020-05-25)
    A discussion of contemporary Jewish novelists by the Academic Director of the Yiddish Book Center. "the prizes given out in the world of Jewish letters rarely make much of a ripple beyond the adjacent professional circles. ...
  • Reid, Panthea (Encylopedia Britannica, Inc., 2020-01-10)
    A biographical essay on Tillie Olsen. It discusses her life and her political influences and beliefs, which provide context for her work. The article traces the development and themes of Olsen's work and assesses her legacy. ...
  • Cusac, Anne Marie (The Progressive Magazine, 1999-01-04)
    This article provides a short discussion of Tillie Olsen, her life, her work, her political activism, and the obstacles that class and gender impose on an artist's ability to find the time to be creative. In the interview ...
  • Roskies, David G. (Jewish Women's Archive, 2009-02-27)
    A short biography of the life and accomplishments of the Canadian American Jewish scholar, Ruth Wisse, who co-founded the Department of Jewish Studies at McGill University. Click on the link above to read the biography.
  • Norich, Anita (YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe, 2010-10-19)
    Although Israel Joshua Singer, the older brother of Isaac Bashevis Singer, lived most of his life in Eastern Europe, much of his most accomplished work was published once he moved to the United States. This short biography ...
  • Maggid 
    Piercy, Marge (Poetry Foundation, 2001)
    In the Passover Seder the Maggid is the telling of the Passover story. This poem is the poet Marge Piercy's commentary on the story. Click on the link above to read it.
  • Singer, Isaac Bashevis (, 1978)
    "No technological achievements can mitigate the disappointment of modern man, his loneliness, his feeling of inferiority, and his fear of war, revolution and terror. Not only has our generation lost faith in Providence but ...
  • Brennan, Sarah (The Book Report, Inc (, 2000-10-24)
    According to this review, "MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN, Jonathan Lethem's latest novel, strikes a near perfect balance between hard-boiled crime story and literary fiction." Click on the link above to read the rest of the article.
  • Englander, Nathan (Jewish Currents, 2019-04-10)
    This is an excerpt from Nathan Englander's novel "" (Knopf, 2019). Click on the link above to access it.

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