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  • Kreisler, Harry (Institute of International Studies, University of California at Berkeley, 2002-03-22)
    An interview with Noam Chomsky, in which he outlines some of the influences behind his political views. He also discusses the relationship between the way he approaches science and the way he approaches politics. The ...
  • Goldman, Emma (1910)
    A book of essays by Emma Goldman. Item was retrieved from The Anarchist Library ( Click on the link below to access the book.
  • Anthem 
    Rand, Ayn (Project Gutenberg, 1998-03)
    A novel by Ayn Rand. Included here are both an epub and a plain text edition. Click on one of the icons to access the novel.
  • Lipstadt, Deborah E. (Los Angeles Times, 1988-05-25)
    "In most polite settings outright expressions of anti-Semitism, including jokes that rely on anti-Semitic imagery, are frowned on. Regardless of one's true opinion of Jews, few people would think of bursting out in the ...
  • Rand, Ayn (Digital Library of India (, 2015)
    Atlas Shrugged is one of Ayn Rand's best known novels. Originally published in 1957, the edition in this collection is the 35th Anniversary Edition, retrieved from the Internet Archive ( ...
  • Ayn Rand 
    Hyman, Paula (editor); Moore, Deborah Dash (editor) (Jewish Virtual Library, 2017)
    A short biography of Ayn Rand. Click on the link above to access it.
  • Wallace, Mike (No Free Lunch Distributors, 2016-02-16)
    A video of the first full interview with Ayn Rand, in which she discusses her philosophical principles with interviewer, Mike Wallace. It was retrieved from The Internet Archive ( ...
  • Howe, Irving (Dissent Magazine, 2013-06-05)
    From Howe's memoir, A Margin of Hope (1982) reprinted in the magazine Dissent. Click on the link above to access it.
  • Reich, Robert (Alfred A. Knopf, 2018)
    The Common Good, a book by Robert Reich, explores the concept of a common good, the moral obligations that unite us as a society and a nation. This book is freely available at the Internet Archive. Click on the icon to ...
  • Frum, David (2020)
    The home page of David Frum. Currently a senior editor at the Atlantic Magazine, Frum has served as an assistant and speech writer for President George W. Bush, and as an advisor to Rudolph Giuliani's presidential campaigns. ...
  • Wilson, Jason (The Guaridan, 2018-10-25)
    Written when Soros was one of the targets of mail bombs that were sent to a number of Democrats and progressives, this article looks at the mainstreaming of antisemitism. The author describes how antisemitism and antisemitic ...
  • (, 1986)
    The Web page devoted to Elie Weisel by the Nobel Prize Committee. It includes biographical information and a speech given by him upon acceptance of the award. Click on the link above to access the Web page,
  • Jewish Women's Archive (2017)
    Comprehensive biographical essay, produced in collaboration with the Emma Goldman Papers (, about the life, contributions and significance of Emma Goldman. Includes a chronology of ...
  • Foer, Jonathan Safran (The New York Times, 2020-05-21)
    An op-ed piece in the New York Times, in which author, Jonathan Safran Foer argues that the production of meat is a major contributing factor to climate change. This op-ed, which was written in the midst of the COVID-19 ...
  • Feldman, Ari (The Forward, 2019-11-21)
    This article discusses how the testimony of Fiona Hill before the US Congressional Impeachment Hearings into President Donald J. Trump, explicitly linked conspiracy theories about Ukraine's involvement in the US 2016 ...
  • Goodman, Paul (The New York Review of Books. Digital preview published by Google Books, 1956)
    Some selections from the most famous work by Paul Goodman. Click on the link above to access.
  • d'Entreves, Maurizio Passerin (he Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2016-10-10)
    Article about Hannah Arendt in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The article discusses Arendt's philosophy and its applications to human activity. Includes a bibliography of Arendt's writings. Click on the link above ...
  • Sontag, Susan (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1978)
    In this short book (downloaded from the Internet Archive, Susan Sontag looks at how we conceptualize serious illnesses, particularly tuberculosis in the 19th century and cancer in the 20th century. "Illness as Metaphor" ...
  • Bernstein, Richard (New York Times, 1993-05-06)
    Obituary in the New York Times on Irving Howe. Click on the link to read the obituary.
  • Willis, Ellen (The Tablet, 2014-08-13)
    This essay was originally published in "Wrestling with Zion: Progressive Jewish-American Responses to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" edited by Tony Kushner and Alisa Solomon, and published by Grove Press. Click on the ...



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