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  • Lederman, Leon (, 1988-12-08)
    The lecture given by Leon Lederman on the occasion of his winning in 1988 the Nobel Prize in Physics along with his colleagues Melvin Schwartz and Jack Steinberger. Click on the icon below to view a pdf file of his lecture.
  • Lederman, Leon (Nobel Media AM, 1988-12-08)
    Leon Lederman's Nobel Prize Lecture upon his winning the Nobel Prize in Physics along with fellow scientists Jack Steinberger' and Melvin Schwartz. Click on the link above to access.
  • Singer, Jenny (The Forward, 2017-08-30)
    A brief article in The Forward about Jenfi Kohan, creator of "Weeds" and 'Orange is the New Black." Click on the link to access the article.
  • Stavans, Ilan; Lambert, Josh (Los Angeles Review of Books, 2020-01-21)
    This article is the preface to the book "How Yiddish Changed America and How America Changed Yiddish," edited by Ilan Stavans and Josh Lambert. They discuss the evolution of the Yiddish language in the United States. They ...
  • Ivry, Benjamin (Forward, 2020-08-08)
    "Betty Boop’s first appearance in a cartoon short [was] produced by the Austrian Jewish animator Max Fleischer." Find out more about her origins and "Betty’s mercurial variety and ambiguity" in this article by clicking ...
  • Miller, Arthur (National Endowment of the Humanities, 2001-03-26)
    The 30th Jefferson Lecture delivered by Arthur Miller to the National Endowment of the Humanities, in which he reflects on the infusion of acting into politics. Click on the link above to access the lecture.
  • Odets, Clfford (YouTube, 2011-02-22)
    Lincoln Center Theater's revival of Clifford Odets' of "Awake and Sing!" starring Lauren Ambrose and Mark Ruffalo. Written in 1935, "Awake and Sing!" was Odets' first full length play and the one that propelled him to ...
  • Kulwin, Noah (, 2021-06-24)
    "Joshua Cohen’s inventive new novel imagines Benjamin Netanyahu’s childhood, and digs deep into his father Benzion’s vision of Jewish history." Click on the link above to read this review of the novel by the Jewish American ...
  • Brandeis, Louis D (Frederick A Stokes Company, 1914-03)
    A famous collection of essays by Louis D Brandeis, who was the first Jewish Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Click on the icon below to access a pdf version of the book. Keep in mind there are many blank pages ...
  • Dicker, Ron (The Forward, 2009-12-16)
    “ 'The work that Bill did with the outcasts, the unpopular and the disenfranchised was to be a good Jew, continuing the Jewish tradition of standing up for the underdog,' Emily Kunstler said. The Kunstler daughters have ...
  • New York Society for Ethical Culture (New York Society for Ethical Culture, 2017)
    A brief biography of Felix Adler, the founder of the Ethical Culture movement.
  • Passover 
    Society for Humanistic Judaism (Society for Humanistic Judaism, 2016)
    A discussion of the way Humanistic Jews understand Passover. Within Humanistic Judaism, Passover is "one of the most powerful myths of the Jewish people, a tale that relates the courage and determination of a people fleeing ...
  • (Union of Reform Judaism, 2019)
    A description of the history, customs, and traditions of Passover told from the perspective of Reform Judaism. This discussion emphasizes Passover as a celebration of freedom, commemorating the Exodus from Egypt, and as a ...
  • My Jewish Learning (My Jewish Learning, 2019)
    A brief article describing the origins, meaning, and traditions of Passover from the perspective of My Jewish Learning, "the largest nonprofit, nondenominational Jewish media organization in North America." Click on the ...
  • Eisenfeld, Sue (New York Times, 2014-04-17)
    An essay about American Jews in the South and their role in the American Civil War. Click on the link above to access.
  • Sassson, Rabbi Reuven (Orthodix Union, 2019-04-11)
    A discussion of how the fundamental meaning and message of the seder is freedom, the "journey from slavery to freedom." It is not simply freedom in the sense of not being in servitude, but a freedom that permeates throughput ...
  • Weinstein, Michael M. (New York Times, 2009-12-13)
    A biographical obituary of the famous economist Paul Samuelson in the New York Times. Click on the link above to access the article.
  • Fitzgerald, John (Anarchist Archives, 2011)
    A short biography of Paul Goodman, perhaps best known for his book, "Growing Up Absurd." Click on the link above to access the article.
  • (Nobel Media, 2008)
    A brief biography of Paul Krugman on the Nobel Prize Web Site. Dr. Krugman was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Science in 2008. The site also contains links to videos of the lecture he gave in accepting the prize and ...
  • Krugman, Paul (YouTube, 2012-04-20)
    YouTube video of Paul Krugman discussing why he, as an academic, became a New York Times Columnist. Click on the link below to watch it.



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